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During my travel abroad I came across “Argan oil”. My boyfriend has some family in Morocco and they own the field of Argan trees and is producing argan oil. It is suppose to be anti-aging, anti-acne, conditioner and a hair repairing agent, moisturizer and the list goes on. First I thought it was one of those beauty trends where the product always has to be coming from an exotic region and be rare with a wacky name and not actually be efficient. But as I was going through severe acne problems myself, I thought why not give it a try as I could see these Berber women having beautiful spotless skin. Well I can say without any hesitation that it did work and I am almost on my way to redemption of having spotless skin. While returning I did bring some along with me for myself, family and friends and it gave wonderful results for hair and skin. I knew I would need more of this liquid gold, so I started looking around if pure argan oil was available in India, at the most what I could find was argan carrier oil . Therefore I had to ask my boyfriend to send some more for me and friends and yet it never seemed enough that’s when Argan oil India came into existence.